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Frequently Asked Questions

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Renting FAQs

If cancelled 14 days before the pick-up date ¥20,000

If cancelled within 7 days of pick-up: 50% of the total cost of rental

If cancelled on the day of pick-up or non-appearance: No refund on total cost of rental

You know what – it is for free. All Travellers Autobarn Campervans come with free kilometer packages, so no charge will ever apply!

All pick-ups are between 10 am to 4 pm and all drop-offs are between 9 am to 3 pm.

For KUGA Campervan: Sheets, covers, sleeping bags, pillows, cooking material (pots/pans/cutlery and more) are provided for a one-off fee of ¥4,000/rental.
For Station Wagon: Cooking Material and Sleeping gear are optional.

The minimum rental days vary on seasonality – anywhere between 4 to 7 days depending on when you would like to travel.

We ensure that all your details are protected & secure via our certified technology.

In the very rare case of our technology being hacked, we will contact you immediately.

Yes, a credit card is required for all rentals. We do accept Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards and it must be in the name of the primary driver (this can be changed on pick-up if needed).

We do charge per day, so if you would rent from Monday to Tuesday you would be charged for two days.

Holders of Swiss, German, French, Belgian, Monaco and Taiwanese licenses must carry the “Japanese translation” at the same time as the original of the relevant license. In Germany you can contact ADAC to organise the translation. For Swiss, French, Belgian, Monaco and Taiwanese you please must organise the translation yourself or we can organise for you for a fee of ¥10,000 (only for French, Belgian, Monaco or Switzerland customers).
Anyone with driver’s license issued in a country other than the above, please carry your international driver’s license. It is valid for one year from the date of issue. More info here.
Everyone must also carry their passport.

Please do not forget to bring both your original driver’s license and international driving permit with you. (A copy or data of either are not valid for you to drive in Japan.)

Unfortuantely pets are not allowed in any vehicles with us. Renter is fully responsible for all damages and a minimum fee of ¥20,000 depending the condition for cleaning/deodorizing applies.

No. In Japan, public restrooms are everywhere, and public parking lots and loading stations often have restrooms, and they are very clean. If you need to use the restroom while traveling, you can stop at a convenience store or service parking lot to use a clean restroom. You will have no difficulty finding a convenience store or such a location.

It’s a great place for a campervan road trip in all seasons. April, with its beautiful cherry blossoms, is warm and pleasant; May, October, and November are especially pleasant in the car, with temperatures neither too high nor too low. In May, October, and November, temperatures are neither too high nor too low, so you will feel especially comfortable in your car. In particular, November is best time of year because of the relatively large number of sunny days and beautiful autumn foliage. In summer, you can enjoy the natural coolness of the mountains at high altitudes. However, since the temperature does not drop even at night in summer, be careful where you go, such as staying at campgrounds near high elevation areas.

Baby seat (From 6 months -4 years): Must be secured in a baby seat on passenger seat.

Booster seat (up to 140cm): Must be secured in a booster seat.


ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is the system which is used to record expressway tolls automatically.

TAB Japan rents out ETC cards at a low rate of 500 yen per card. When you return the card, you will be asked to confirm and pay the usage fee using the ETC card system.

By using an ETC card, you can use toll roads at a discount depending on the time of day and route.

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