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Japan is the safest and campervan freindly country in the world.  There are plenty of camping grounds, onsen facilities, and road stations called “Michi no Eki” with clean public bathrooms available 24 hours. Also there are so many attractions to see historical places and beautiful seasonal nature !

If you’re looking for inspiration on the best routes to take and destinations to visit, read on to learn about all our favorite road trip itineraries.

So, jump into your campervan and get this road trip started…have an amazing time!

  • Tokyo area road trip
    Campervan Road Trip Itineraries
  • Japan 5 days roadtrip itinerary | Kanto Region (Around Tokyo)
    Campervan Road Trip Itineraries
  • 10-Day Round Trip from Tokyo to Kyoto
    Campervan Road Trip Itineraries
  • Japan Tokyo to Tohoku Area Road Trip
    Campervan Road Trip Itineraries
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